ALICE software installation

Table of contents

Compile ALICE software with aliBuild

aliBuild is the ALICE build tool used to build all ALICE software and gracefully handle dependencies. It is not limited to AliRoot and AliPhysics, but it supports a wide range of software packages via build recipes.

Binary software distribution

You can use the same AliPhysics, AliRoot, etc. versions available on the Grid without compiling them.

Old ALICE installation method (deprecated)

As of May 2, 2016 this installation method is deprecated and its documentation will still be temporarily visible but it is no longer updated. Please migrate to aliBuild at your earliest conveinence.

Instructions for compiling ALICE software from source are provided for Ubuntu, Fedora and OS X. Check whether your version is supported, and be sure it complies with the prerequisites:

Each of the operating systems listed above has been tested: it is possible that similar or derived distributions (such as Linux Mint for Ubuntu or SLC6 for Fedora or CC7) work with the same instructions given some little distribution-specific adaptation.

Two installation options are possible:

Support policy

Your Operating System is not supported unless it is explicitly listed above. Only 64 bit architectures are supported.

For Ubuntu we support the latest release, plus all the LTS that did not reach their end of life yet.

For OS X, a rapidly changing Operating System, we support only the latest two releases. Betas and Developer Previews are not supported.